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"Rebel on the Highway.....Terry Eckard Band  ....... Steeped in the
kind of Southern roots-boogie that was presumed to be lost with the
end of the Molly Hatchet and .38 Special era of the ’80s, his second
effort, Rebel on the Highway, finds Eckard venturing far away from the
counterfeit rebel rock that inevitably sunk the genre in the ’80s. Blanket
Southern hubris is supplanted by a kind of localized pride that rather
shows though in the everyman humility of his lyrical themes. The album’
s opener, “Hey!” is a breezy love song that describes a series of come-
and-go highway romances, but still takes time to introduce the listener
to the first of many guitar styles in which Eckard excels.

The classic finger-style found there quickly gives way to a decidedly
blues-rock kind of riffage on the album’s anthemic title track, where the
album’s pervasive highway travelogue theme hits its gritty high point.
Eckard jumps back and forth between sizzling electric fireworks and
contemplative acoustic picking, but occasionally he tries on different
personas such as the barebones blues howler “Loves’ Got Me Crying”
and the jazzy “Maria’s Fire.” He may not have the name recognition to
garner more than a passing glance on billboards, but fans of striking
guitar work will absolutely find something to enjoy on Rebel on the
Rebel on the Highway $11.99
"Rebel on the Highway"
1.  - Hey (4:15)
2.  - Easy on myself (3:16)
3.  - Rebel on the Highway (3:32)
4.  - Mothers (5:02)
5.  - Outlaw (3:14)
6.  - Loves Got me Cryin' (6:17)
7.  - Maria's Fire (4:31)
8.  - Beautiful Machine (5:38)
9.  - Cat Square (3:53)
10.  - Falling Rain (5:39)
11.  - Moonlight (4:12)
12.  - One more Time (4:41)
13.  - The Trees (3:56)
Southern Fried
1.  - Angelene (3:51)
2.  - Raging Fire (5:59)
3.  - Shackin (4:55)
4.  - Don't need Love (3:36)
5.  - 20 Dollar Bill
-                                               When you Love
Somebody (11:20)
6.  - Hot Rod Mama (3:40)
7.  - Can ya Hang (3:01)
8.  - Rock Star (4:15)
9.  - Everything (5:53)
10 - Extra Fine (3:35)
11 - Friday night (3:41)
Southern Rock'en  Blues
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